Customizable Precision Threading – Fully Certified



Horspool & Romine produces and supplies products that are manufactured, tested, and certified to your exact specifications. Our product list includes but is not limited to the following:

NAS 1351, NAS 1352, MIL-S-1222, MIL-DTL-1222, MS Parts, Weld Studs, ACME Thread Screws and Nuts, Valve Stems & Nuts, Socket Head Cap Screws, Hex Head Cap Screws, Hex Bolts, Bushings, Precision Lead Screws, Precision Pump Shafts, Precision Taper Pins, Square Head Bolts, Square Head Set Screws, Jack Screws, Set Screws, Taper Bolts, Balance Weights, Balancing Plugs, Studs, Nuts (Hex Nuts, Acorn Nuts, Turbine Nuts, &Cap Nuts), Washers, Dowel Pins, Cylinder Dowels, Linkage Pins, Cam Rollers, Connecting Rod Bolts, Water Pump Shafts, Special Ball End Screws, Large Hex Nuts (Special Sizes & Shapes), parts requiring silver plating, parts requiring locking element, etc.


Horspool & Romine prides itself on machining some of the hardest and toughest steel available before and after heat treatment.  Our parts are manufactured from controlled and fully traceable material including but not limited to the following:

  • Stainless Steel, Super Alloy, Electrical Steel, Aircraft Alloy, Aluminum, Carbon, Nickel, Brass, Bronze, Delrin, Plastics, etc.

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