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Founded by Ernest Horspool and Ernest Romine in 1937, Horspool & Romine has become a trusted name in the manufacture of screw thread parts that require special attention. Our machining and grinding facilities create personalized screw and nut components, which are economically made in small to medium production quantities. We have designed and built lead screw tapping fixtures and have an exclusive ACME Tap Design, plus a patented gage to determine external thread concentricity. Special threads are produced in a variety of materials, from tooling to finished product.

H&R’s production of Acme Threads began just after WWII with a request from the Bureau of Reclamation. A massive irrigation project was underway which required a specialized valve stem. Custom Acme Thread dies were designed by H&R along with special taps for the matching handwheels. Following the success of this project, thousands of these customized parts were produced.

Since that opening day in 1937, we have established a tradition of excellence with an unmatched reputation for delivering quality parts on-time, ensuring the customized specifications of our clients are met. While keeping customer service a top priority, you can rest assured that your project will be closely monitored from start to finish to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


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